• Reach new customers
  • Expand revenue streams
  • Create "buzz" and attention (flyers, special promotions, new menu items, etc.)
  • Operate "pop-up" style restaurants in addition to existing "brick & mortar" restaurants


  • Sign up for a LunchLobby account and reserve the location(s) of your choice – payment and reservations all done online with the click of a button!

  • Use our online platform to create a short menu of your best “pop-up” style entress. We’re happy to assist with suggestions!

  • Arrive at the location you reserved and start selling your delicious food!

How does LunchLobby support its Restaurant Partners?

LunchLobby helps you reserve locations that are ideal for your restaurant. We don’t ever try to force you into a subpar location – hence our transparent inventory and booking process. We track customer cuisine preferences, as well as restaurant booking data to determine which locations will likely translate into the highest sales for your particular restaurant.

LunchLobby distributes your electronic “pop-up” menu to our Building Partners that you have reserved space with – we send the menu a few days in advance so that our Building Partners are aware of your upcoming arrival. We also distribute the menu to individuals on the morning of your service. This way, prospective customers see your menu in their inbox before they make lunch plans.