Employees no longer have to spend time and effort leaving the office premises to get a restaurant-quality lunch. We maintain a diverse group of Restaurant Partners so that your employees will have options – 5 different restaurants for 5 days in a work week!

How Does it work


LunchLobby partners with excellent local restaurants to provide “pop-up” style food service onsite at your building. All you have to do is let us know which days of the week you would like service and we will provide it! We email you an electronic menu several days prior to our arrival. This way your building security knows ahead of time which restaurant will be arriving. We recommend you forward the electronic menu to your colleagues on the morning of service – they can also sign up on our website to receive the emails directly.

  • Inform us that you would like to receive free pop-up service at your building. We’ll collect some basic info and get you started!

  • Keep us informed if your available dates change. We’ll typically provide service a few days a week.

  • We will email you menus several days prior to a restaurant arriving at your building. The restaurant will bring all food, equipment, etc. Enjoy!

Excellent Local Restaurants

We partner with highly respected local chefs to provide a convenient and delectable lunch offering

Rotating Options

Look forward to a new restaurant each day! No given restaurant will be onsite more than once a week. We strive to provide an exceptional food offering with an emphasis on high quality ingredients, unique options, and service


No more long lines or limited lunch time options. We partner with restaurants all over your city! You are no longer confined to restaurants located in the 5-block radius surrounding your office building

Culinary Creativity

Enjoy being at the forefront of your local culinary scene. Highly respected local chefs and restaurants often use LunchLobby as a way to connect with current and potential restaurant guests – enjoy the benefits of tasting “off menu” and “limited time” options from the top chefs in your local culinary scene